A fitting tribute?

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Today is the 70th anniversary of D-Day, a day when we remember what many see as the beginning of the end of the Second World War.

We remember the supreme sacrifice that so many of our now Grandfathers and Great Grandfathers made for the future generation that would come after them, we remember that the where fighting to keep themselves and others free from oppression and ternary.

We should not doubt the danger that was on our door and we should remain thankful for what was done on our behalf, but today when I read about the  sunrise re-enactment of the landings and watch people reverently remembering I think we my have missed some of the point.

This time should not only be a time of remembrance but also a time to hold ourselves to account as to what we have done with this hard fought freedom that we where privileged enough to inherit, only when we do this can we decide if we are providing a fitting tribute to the fallen or just paying lip service to an important historical event and time.

Today in the news there are two articles that make me consider if we are a fitting tribute to the people who have given so much or if we would be a collective disappointment to the people who gave so much.

In short we have a state that can spy on its citizens without oversight and a trial that can take place behind closed doors without a jury, this coupled with a myriad of other freedoms that have been eroded over the last 20 years I can not help myself but ask if we are a fitting tribute 70 years after D Day?

Metal Made Flesh

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Some new art work for my walls from a Kick Starter project : Metal Made Flesh


Dieselpunk Automag

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My thanks for Johnson Arms for this model of a Dieselpunk Automag, a nice to hit the mat just before Christmas.

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Pumpkin carving 2013

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Today we have been busy carving pumpkins.





R.I.P Robert Palmer – Still missed

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I can hardly believe it was 10 years ago today that Robert Palmer passed away.

I still miss looking forward to new albums & songs from him, so today I will post two, I would say favorites of mine but I am not too sure I could pick only two out of his catalog.

So we will go with:

“Know by now” from his 12th studio album Honey

and “Light Years” from his tenth album “Don’t Explain”.

Both fantastic songs & albums.

Good to see the BBC are upto date

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I always thought the BBC where a little behind the times but is a ream of A4 the best replacement for the iPad?

Still a need for irrational fear?

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Time for a little clear up on the glossover site I think, too many subsites so I thought I would look at the stats and to my surprise a little project I started in 2006 called Irrational Fear I set up a web cam and pointed it to an airsoft pistol & penknife to show that the items themselves do not cause crime and asked people to check in every day to make sure that they have not been committing crimes, any way I was going to take the site down switch off the now old an dusty Dell desktop running XP no less with an even older Logitech webcam but to my surprise  according to Google Analytics it still gets real people (not search engines) looking at it everyday, so now I am not too sure if to take it down or leave it up.

Anyway take a look : http://www.glossover.co.uk/irrationalfear/ and yes before you ask it is a real image that is captured every 10 seconds by Booru and uploaded to the server.

Shooting a mirror over the weekend

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This weekend I had the pleasure of some shooting in Belgium, this is 4 shots from the .44AMP AutoMag into a mirror.

The storage of firearms at home.

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This is a suggestion from the Derby North Labour MP Chris Williamson, well it was one of three questions he asked.

Take a look at the following for information : http://www.theyworkforyou.com/wrans/?id=2013-09-02b.166422.h

Chris Williamson (Labour) Derby North

To ask the Secretary of State for the Home Department what assessment she has made of the effect on public safety of
(a) banning the private storage of firearms in domestic dwellings,
(b) undertaking annual mental health checks on firearms certificate holders and
(c) creating a publicly-available register of individuals with access to firearms; and if she will make a statement.

Damian Green (Conservative) Ashford

Firearms control in the UK is among the toughest in the world. This shows clearly that gun crime will not be tolerated by this Government nor wider society.

The Home Affairs Committee in its report on firearms control, published in December 2010, concluded that the storage of weapons at central locations would not reduce the risk of theft. The Committee also considered that annual health checks on certificate holders would be both resource intensive and disproportionate. The Government supports these conclusions.

Our assessment is that a publically-available register of those with access to firearms would compromise public safety and could lead to the theft of legally held weapons.

While I understand the need for public safety, the best way to improve safety is education in a subject, perhaps there should be an education policy around firearms to remove the public stigma and fear of them.