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When I first left school I trained to become a photographer and after 3 years  I decided it was not for me. I have still had an interest in photography and I plan to start up again, so this is where my photos will be for everyone to see, lets hope they are OK.

Once in a blue moon

So for the second night on the trot the moon has been out and I have had the time to take some photos, tonight I thought I would add some filters to see if it would define the craters and ridges in more detail, still not too sure about it’s success.

Hastings by night

Hastings by night

So some fun tonight in Hastings with long exposures. I need to bring the time down quite a bit as they are a little too light in places and the images are suffering as a result, I will go back to the spot and play again in a few evenings times and hopefully the outcome […]

Water droplet photography

Water droplet 1'st session

So after an age I have been able to start with doing some water droplet photography, this is my first try and a few lessons learned. Firstly the boring bits: Shutter speed: 1/250 ISO: 400 F-Stop: f16 Camera: Cannon Eos 700D Post editing With the exception of cropping there was no post editing, so what […]

Star trail photography

I have loved star trail photos for quite some time now so I thought I would have a play. This image of from a set of images taken last night, not the best night for star trails as there was a almost full moon but I needed to try out the theory. The image below […]

Luna photography

Uncropped Luna Photo 2

I thought I would try my hand at Luna photography and after a little messing around with the settings I was able to get a few shots off. The following are the four that I have selected out of the 9 in focus photos that I was able to take tonight. ISO : 400 F-stop : F3.5 […]

Fireworks 2014

Fireworks 2014

It has been a while since I had the time to play with the manual mode of a camera as as the local school was having a fireworks night in my back garden I thought I would have a play. So I set my Nikon D5100 up on a tripod got out the IR shutter release […]

Scraping Back Time

Scraping Back Time

I have always liked the “Scraping Back Time” photos that I have seen around so I thought I would give it a go. I am currently working in Guernsey one of the Channel Islands and the only part of the UK that was successfully occupied during the Second World War so I thought I would […]

Spitfire BM597

On 6th March 2011 I was treated to a flight in a helicopter while one of the few remaining spitfires fly around us, it has to be one on the most wonderful experiences I have had. This is a set of photos from the day.