Aerial video & photos

I own a DJI Phantom Vision 2 that enables me to take aerial photos & video.

This is the clever little thing hovering a few feet from the air.

DJI Phantom 2

If you have an unmanned aircraft then this video if well worth a watch.


Harrow Lane from 200ft up

This is the view from the DJI at about 200ft in the air.

One of the issues with the camera is the distortion that the camera picks up so there is a need to flatten the image, in this tutorial you are shown remove the distortion using GIMP.

This is my before & after.

Bodiam Castle

This is a few moments over Bodiam Castle.


Along with the video the DJI can also take photos.


Initial flight

This is the video from the first flight.

My longsuffering wife kindly got me a DJI Phantom Vision 2 as a present.

This is the first video in Hastings Old Town.